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We recognize your comfort needs are of top concern and that everyone’s essentials are different, which is why we’ve got you covered from the get go. Whether you are in the market for a different air conditioner or just need yours tuned up for the journey, Gordon's Service Experts here in Oklahoma City is here to serve all of your HVAC needs. Our technicians are equipped to help upgrade the word comfort for you and your home. Take a look at our air conditioning services below and discover the right fit for your needs, then schedule a FREE appointment so we can get you back to unwinding as soon as possible.

Our AC repair pros understand that your patience can diminish fast when the temperatures start increasing, and no one likes being too hot. Your comfort should never be conceded, which is why we’re accessible 24/7/365. Need a specialist now? Call 405-432-2197 and we’ll be there in a flash. Don’t forget to look for coupons for current specials on our services as well.

AC Repair Service

AC repairs don’t have to be a headache. Sure, you’re probably not in your happiest moment when you need us, but know that we’re certified to service all brands of air conditioners, so you know you’ll be receiving the best AC repair service available, reinforced by a written 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

New Air Conditioners

Upgrading your home’s cooling system is actually more affordable than you may think, so why wait any longer? We’ve made it easy for you to schedule a FREE estimate for a new AC. Just fill in your information and we’ll assist you to make your home cool, energy-efficient and the most restful it has ever been. Our ENERGY STAR® qualified air conditioners can help preserve your home at the ideal temperature while giving you quiet, effective cooling 24/7.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

AC maintenance is critical to ensuring your home is functioning at maximum efficiency, counteracting break downs during pinnacle use, and keeping your air conditioner warranty valid. So we’ve created our four service plans to meet your AC maintenance needs, and your budget.

Solar Air Conditioning

Solar air conditioning is more affordable and sensible than you may think. We have great solar AC products that can propel your home to the next level of productivity while saving money and harnessing all the power the sun can offer.

Gordon's Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning is ready to handle any AC repair issue and setup a quality new air conditioner for your home. We’re ready around the clock to keep your system up and working, providing you and your family comfort year-round in Oklahoma City. Check out all of the air conditioners we have and take a look at our repair and service abilities so you’ll always have someone to call when you have an issue come up. Schedule an appointment with us online or give our pros a call at 405-432-2197.

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