Why is my AC system freezing up?

There are a lot of reasons why your AC system freezes up.

Double-checking the air filter isn’t dirty and airflow isn’t restricted are the only tasks you can safely fix yourself. If you need to put in a new the filter, you can speed up the defrosting process by disabling the unit and turning on the fan. If you have a heat pump, you can switch it to heat mode until the ice is gone.

After the ice is gone, move the temperature back to normal. If your unit freezes repeatedly, call Gordon's Service Experts to take care of the issue.

Here are a few other reasons why your equipment might be freezing up.

Low refrigerant—A frozen system may be caused by a refrigerant leak.

What leads to a leak?

  • Weakened solder joints
  • Resistance from piping jarring against something
  • Cracked valves
  • Slack fittings

How long your system has been installed and the area of the leak play a role in whether you should repair or replace your AC system.

Dirty evaporator coil—Over time, the evaporator coil attracts dirt and causes troubles much like a dusty filter. You’ll progressively receive lower airflow until your system freezes or quits cooling. You’ll need to get in touch with Gordon's Service Experts to fix the malfunction.

Broken blower motor or relay—A blower motor working at an inaccurate speed or not working at all can result in freezing. It can also be intermittent, running at full speed and going slower after it heats up. Or a relay might force it to run one time and not the subsequent time. In either state, you will need to get in touch with Gordon's Service Experts to correct the trouble.

Scheduling yearly AC maintenance may help you skip this malfunction. Our techs will fully check and clean your equipment, which often allows us to find little problems before they become huge issues.

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